The school was originally built and opened post-war in 1952 using a concrete frame and brick cladding throughout the building which that has now been demolished. Site layout and client requirements have been considered as part of the proposals and put forward for planning approval which has been approved by the local authority and reflect EDSI brief.

The school has been designed for a specific end user with a view to relocating their old school which is outside of the Birmingham Borough back inside the City boundary. The school will cater for up to 140 Primary SEN children with a variety of learning and behavioural issues.

Tweedale, now part of MDG, prepared the initial feasibility study on behalf of Balfour Beatty in response to the EDSI brief to provide the additional spaces for the specific end user.

The shape of the school has been wholly determined by available open space and the fact that the general teaching classrooms are all at ground floor level with distinct wings which will cater for the differing needs and complexities of the children’s learning difficulties. The design is therefore relatively simplistic in its form and detail.

Various construction forms were considered but it has been settled that the construction will be traditional in form i.e. load bearing brickwork with elements of higher level insulated rainwater cladding and tiled pitched roofs. A two storey element is proposed but this will house specialist classrooms and staff facilities and therapy rooms and it is proposed this two storey element will be flat roofed with a parapet surround.

However, the overriding principle is that the school is designed to BB104 and other relevant building bulletins as far as possible. All required rooms and room sizes will need to be included within the design and to the agreement of the client and the end user.

Several feasibility options were considered during the early stages of the feasibility study with the preferred option for both site layout and building footprint chosen and identified.

These considerations and the comments received from the planners with regards proximity to surrounding residential properties have dictated the final shape of the proposed building.


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