A significant amount of the work we carry out at MDG is for the Public Sector. We have and continue to work with the Ministry of Justice, HMCTS, DEFRA and the NHS for many years now and are proud to assist our Government agencies, now more than ever! 

At MDG we are fortunate to work with a number of major public sector professional service providers and framework consultants. MDG, alongside these providers, undertake a huge array of work within the UK’s Prisons, Courts, Environment Agency hubs and Offices. 

In working within this field we observe the tireless efforts made by members of our public services to keep the country in operation as well as keeping us all healthy and safe. 

During this period of stand-still we are always on hand to assist any of our framework partners, where we can, in keeping our Public Sector services running as normal. We would also like to offer our gratitude to those services that continue to operate under the COVID-19 pandemic.


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