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The adaptation of existing buildings is becoming increasingly common due to them often being located within prominent areas of towns and cities. More often than not this allows developers to provide inner city living and working environments for a growing population whilst also conserving important examples of a bygone age.

At MDG we have experience in depth in working on listed buildings and other buildings of architectural merit. This has included conversions of Victorian schools into HQ offices, Victorian baths into community hubs, pubs into residential and train stations into conference facilities to name but a few.

In every instance our approach is based on sensitivity through a thorough understanding of the architectural worth of each and every building. We have the ability to see the potential of adapting new uses within older structures and enjoy the restoration and retention of a buildings more architectural and important features.

We understand the meaning of sustainability where the removal of older buildings does not need to be the first approach. Retention of structures and buildings is paramount in a greener outlook where carbon footprints can be reduced by simply adapting the existing into new uses and recycling architecture instead of removal. We believe, where possible, this creates a more diverse and interesting landscape and one which helps tells the story of a buildings history.