The showroom and aftersales building will be situated on the large, currently vacant area on the western side of the site. The main showroom façade will face Coppice Lane with the workshop screened from the main public access by the showroom building itself. A new site entrance serving the main building will be formed from Coppice Lane. Retail customer and visitor parking will be to the front of the site, with the approved used car display areas situated on either side of the showroom building.

Behind the workshop facility, at the southwestern end of the site a secure compound will provide parking for staff vehicles, vehicles awaiting service or returning from the workshop, new vehicles for display within the showroom or to be handed over to customer, as well as courtesy and demonstrator vehicles.


As part of the proposed development, a level of renewable energy generation will be allowed for, at least in line with the requirements of the Building Regulations. It is anticipated that this will be in the form of roof-mounted photovoltaic cells but a finalised solution will be developed during the detailed design phase.

Hatfields, as established Land Rover and Jaguar dealers in Liverpool, made a business decision to combine the two dealerships on one site at a location outside of the City centre as it is not possible to achieve these requirements at the existing premises. The businesses are also to expand, providing an increase of employment only available within the new proposed joined dealership.


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