We feel it is essential to understand as much as possible about the aspirations of our clients. We understand that each appointment is different and introduces unique challenges to the team. 

The Beginning of the Journey always begins with the Client

For over twenty years we have interrogated and analysed the creative process in order to inform building design and its surroundings.

From the first ideas to the finished product, our design approach has always been fluid where problems are only there to be navigated towards a successful outcome.

The Initial Phases of Design.

We always begin with a strategic approach to the clients brief. Each project is site specific and our initial analysis revolves around context, topography and the immediate environment. Buildings need location, therefore location is paramount to the first steps of design. This is achieved through concept analysis in order to ascertain sun path, boundary conditions and site specific features that will affect the brief.

The Concept Stages

We model both physically and in virtual reality with Oculus Rift to begin to create a sense of space and place from which the seeds of the design philosophy begin. Client specific detail is incorporated and the architecture begins to take shape. Our 3D capability allows key stakeholders a view into and around the developing design and to become part of the design process.

The Detail Stage

Good design is in the detail. We consider each junction and interface and don’t accept that standard always needs to be the norm. Our ability to work with the design team via collaborative models within the Common Data Environment streamlines our delivery and brings fully co-ordinated projects to site quicker. Our full BIM capability can provide the client with full data package to plan, manage and maintain their building beyond the point of handover if so desired.