Stanmore Road – New Townhouse

Stanmore Road is situated at the junction with Percival Road with a long rear garden. This modern, 3-storey townhouse will be situated at the bottom the garden with its main frontage addressing Percival Road, providing an elegant visual punctuation mark, separating the utilitarian, industrial feel of the adjacent substation from the domestic architecture of 13 Stanmore Road and Percival Road itself.

The new house will employ a palette of materials selected to respond to the differing characters of the buildings in Percival Road. The ground and first floor elevations facing Percival Road will be in blue engineering brick, maintaining a material relationship with the main property whilst reflecting the playfulness of the coloured render of the existing houses opposite.

Set back from the front of the house, softening the roof line to Percival Road, standing seam zinc cladding, reflecting the industrial nature of the substation, will wrap from first floor level, forming a pitched roof accommodating the upper storey. The dull grey palette of the zinc cladding will reflect the grey slate of the surrounding roofs.

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